Virginia Commonwealth University in Panama

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Students from Virginia Commonwealth University had a successful trip to Panama where they banded and processed 69 Prothonotary Warblers for their Panama Avian Field Ecology class. First the students were taught how to set up mist nets to catch the birds. After a bird was caught, measurements such as weight, tarsus length, feather molt and body fat were taken. The students learned important skills about how to handle and manage birds.

When the banding was done, the group made a trip to Chucantí to experience the cloud forest first hand. They saw lots of birds on their life lists and thoroughly enjoyed their adventure! They learned about the flora and fauna of the Chucantí Natural Reserve, including the walking palms, the oak tree, the cloud forest birds, and the tree ferns.

We are glad to host VCU for their 6th year and look forward to their trip next year!

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