Chucanti Private Reserve

At a Glance

The Chucantí Private Reserve

Elevation: 1439 m (4721 ft)
Size: 700 hectares (1729.74 acres

Province: Darién
Distance from Panamá City: 118 km (73.3 mi)
True Isolation (distance to next highest point): 120.32 km (74.76 mi)

Main Threats:
• Logging
• Cattle Ranching

Why Cerro Chucantí is Special:
• It’s the 9th highest peak in Panamá
• Contains many species new to science
• Creates range extensions for many uncommon/rare species
• Provides habitat for many threatened and endangered species
• A rare cloud forest habitat occurs near the peak
• It’s a vital part of the local watershed
• Caused the creation of ADOPTA!

Planning a Trip to Chucantí

What You Should Expect When Visiting