Protection of the rainforest is the reason why ADOPTA originally started. In the early 2000’s, many of the areas around the Cerro Chucantí were being destroyed for lumber and agriculture, particularly for cattle grazing. Guido Burguido, founder of ADOPTA and avid birder, went to the Darién with biologists in search of rare and specialized bird species. Each time he returned to Chucantí, more and more land had been deforested and he decided that something needed to be done. What started out as a purchase of a few hundred acres lead to the acquisition of 1500 acres currently protected by ADOPTA. These old-growth forests will be defended from deforestation forever.
To protect this land, two rangers live at the station year-round to patrol the area. They keep a watch out for poachers, loggers and ranchers. We is working with environmental police, the governmental environmental organization and lawyers to uphold the wildlife crime laws. It is important that these laws are kept enforced to protect the rainforest and all of the wildlife living with in it. Deforestation is currently one of the largest environmental risks in Panama, and we aim to save areas of high conservation value by purchasing land or placing areas under legal protection.