Alliance For a Million Hectares

Panama is a small country, only about 7.5 million hectares (18.5 million acres) – yet already about 2 million hectares of forest (5 million acres; 37% of the country) have been degraded. The Alliance for a Million Hectares is a pact between several organizations that aims to reforest a million hectares (2.5 million acres) over the next 20 years through the conservation of natural forests, restoration of gallery forests and degraded lands, and commercial reforestation. ADOPTA is a proud member of this alliance, and we are committed to both the protection of existing forests and the restoration of degraded land.

When reforesting degraded land, we use native seedlings sourced from existing forests nearby. Many seeds will fall directly below their parent tree, where they germinate and begin to grow. Little sunlight is available so far under the canopy, however, and thus the majority of the seedlings die. By removing these doomed plants and relocating them to degraded areas, we are able to not only save these seedlings but begin a new forest that can support much more diversity in the future.

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