In many cases, we do not yet know enough about Panama’s ecosystems to properly conserve them. By focusing on research, we can identify species and areas of high conservation value, and focus our activities accordingly. Researchers from all over the world come to Cerro Chucantí to study the biological diversity living on the mountain. Due to its unique geology, a peak of 1,400 ft surrounded by lowlands, the species there are very diverse from the species living on the other mountain ranges in Panama. The organisms at the ridge-top are different than the surrounding land for the reason that the temperatures at the ridge are much cooler than the surrounding lowlands. These microclimates led to species diversification over the last few million years. Many new species of plants, animals and insects have been discovered at Chucantí and there is still more to be described. This makes Cerro Chucantí an ideal location for researches to work and look for new species.