Who We Are

ADOPTA’s Mission

Adopt a Panamá Rainforest — ADOPTA for short — is a non-governmental organization (NGO) created to promote the conservation and sustainable use of forests for the people and wildlife of Panamá. We support our on-the-ground conservation efforts through education initiatives and research projects aimed to improve our societal understanding of the natural world and ecosystem management. The majority of these efforts are accomplished with the generous help of dedicated students and volunteers, who we consider the backbone of our organization.

Our Story

A passion for birdwatching grew into a massive conservation effort when Cerro Chucantí, the tallest mountain of Panamá’s isolated Majé mountain range, was discovered by our founder, Guido Berguido. Although the initial impressions of Chucantí were positive – with unexpected sightings of rare birds such as the Varied Solitaire (Myadestes coloratus) – continued trips brought great disappointment as we witnessed the rainforest being slashed and burnt at a rapid rate to clear the land for agriculture. These threats to Chucantí could not be ignored, so we purchased land on the mountain to make one of the largest private nature reserves in Panama where more than a dozen organisms previously unknown to science have been discovered since 2003, and new species of flora and fauna are continuing to be described on a regular basis. ADOPTA was created to manage this reserve, but has since grown into an organization that assists conservation efforts throughout the country of Panamá.

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Cerro Chucantí Private Nature Reserve

Explore a rare, isolated section of cloud forest habitat and an incredible array of rare and recently discovered organisms.

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