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4th Grand National Reforestation Day

Hoy en el IV Gran Día Nacional de Reforestación fue Realmente esperanzador ver a familias Reforestando juntas #ConstructoraMECOjunto a @adoptabosque Ministerio de Ambiente de Panamá y la Alianza por El Millon en el Parque Nacional Camino de Cruces #ReforestaPanama #SiembroMiVida #yoAdoptoBosquePosted by Adopt a Panama Rainforest on Saturday, June 2, 20184th Grand National Reforestation Day […]

Acampamos 2018

ADOPTA volunteers attended Acampamos en el Parque 2018 at Municipal Summit Gardens and Zoo. ADOPTA had some new volunteers sign up and new trees Adopted.

Vultures: Nature’s Cleansers from the Sky. TVN Prime Time News

Tonight on TVN Prime Time News learn about the importance of vultures with Adopta’s Guido and Chelina. They explain the ecological significance of these birds and how you can identify the vultures in your own backyard. View full video here.

The World of Hummingbirds: Jorge Luis Garzon on TVN Prime Time News

ADOPTA’s volunteer biologist, Jorge Luis Garzon, talked about the life of hummingbirds on TVN Prime Time News. Watch the video to find out more about their life history and threats they face on a daily basis. View full video here

The World of Hummingbirds: Jorge Luis Garzon on TVN Prime Time News TONIGHT

Tonight in Panama’s nightly news, ADOPTA’s volunteer biologist, Jorge Luis Garzon, will talk about the exciting world of Hummingbirds. Check out the preview here

Ranger Appreciation Day

Thank you to all the Park Rangers for their work and dedication in the conservation of the environment! A special thank to our very own rangers protecting Chucaní!  

State University of New York Cobleskill At Chucantí

Students from State University of New York Cobleskill visited Chucantí for their Fisheries and Wildlife Feild Studies class. They learned about biodiversity and conservation of the tropical rainforest and the importance of the Chucantí Natural Reserve. They experienced this biodiversity first hand in Chucantí, finding and learning about lots of birds, snakes, insects and frogs! […]

Virginia Commonwealth University in Panama

Students from Virginia Commonwealth University had a successful trip to Panama where they banded and processed 69 Prothonotary Warblers for their Panama Avian Field Ecology class. First the students were taught how to set up mist nets to catch the birds. After a bird was caught, measurements such as weight, tarsus length, feather molt and […]

Radio Interview with Patas y Pies

Radio 97.7 FM Program Patas y Pies hosted the Adopta crew on their afternoon radio show to talk about wildlife conservation. Erika Velásquez and Gerardo Gandsas interviewed Adopta’s executive director, Guido Berguido; director of science, Chelina; and volunteers, Jorge Garzon and Maggie Magliato about topics including roadkill, fireworks, and handling wildlife. Watch the Live Video […]

Carnivorous Plants in Chucantí

Botanists María Victoria Coppini and Federico Parrilli from Argentinian Carnivorous Plant Association visited Cerro Chucantí in search of carnivorous plants in the cloud forest. They are very excited about the interesting plants that they found, and are looking forward to return and study more!

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