Why Panamá?

Why Panamá?

The Bridge of The Americas

Despite its small size, Panama contains the highest level of biodiversity in Central America thanks to its nature as “the Bridge of the Americas”. Both the Caribbean and Pacific oceans have strong influence on the country due to its narrow geography, and Panamá also hosts species from both North and South America, with many migration pathways converging within the country. These factors have combined to create a mosaic of habitats that vary from the hot tropical forests and mangrove swamps in the lowlands to the colder cloud forests found near the highest peaks. Because it can be difficult for plants and animals to move in and out of these different areas, they often contain endemic species – species found nowhere else on the planet – which puts Panama in a special category for conservation.

Some of the most famous and charismatic species in the world, like this 3-toed Sloth, make their home in Panamá.


The colder cloud forests in some ways resemble the temperate forests of North America more than the tropics they reside in.

Endemic species such as the Chucantí Salamander are found nowhere else in the world!